One of the ways we seek to achieve our mission is to promote events of the highest possible quality to provide more opportunities and access to our great sport. Public events provide unique opportunities to partner and collaborate with other groups, entities and businesses, to create powerful community hubs. Join us as we work to maximize and realize our collective efficacy!

If you would like sponsor one of our events please see our Corporate Sponsor Registration Form.

Our Events:

High School Mentor Days: As a club we support all of the high school teams in our region. Our Mentor Day Program is an excellent way to get your current athletes to give back to the community, while making connections with your future athletes!

SJTFC Winter Race Series

Check back for information our 2024 season.

Camden County Cross Country Tour (CCeXCiTe): A brand new youth cross country race series, taking athletes to beautiful parks throughout the county.

September 21 to November 3

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