Late Spring/Summer Track & Field (Advanced Competitive Team)

As we near the end of our spring track and field regular season, we welcome kids who wish to continue on to summer AAU Junior Olympic qualifier meets, and other open meets. This program is for kids who are experienced and motivated to continue competing, and we encourage middle school athletes to join after their seasons have ended. ***Kids in our Spring Track & Field Program do not have to pay the additional fee.
We take a casual approach to all competition, and it is up to parents to register their kids and supervise them at meets (instructions and support will be provided). We will schedule practice sessions based on coach availability. Please note that we do not “train” kids with hard workouts. We teach kids how competitive athletes train for competition in age-appropriate ways (for example, we might do a interval workout on the track that helps the kids understand how we build more fitness over time, but that workout be light enough to keep it fun while challenging).
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