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Coach Craig’s Training Blog, Week2

Well, that was interesting. Starting over is always a challenge, and after a certain age, each new start seems a little bit harder. But success is success, which is why I know to start out slowly, notching small accomplishments and building a foundation.

Last week involved a simple plan; five days of 3-mile walks, with two walk/run sessions of 3 miles. The walk/runs were only 1 mile walking, 1 running, and 1 walking. The first of those sessions was awesome; a very cold, but beautiful day, with plenty of gas in the tank, and the simple joy of moving again. The second, two days later, was a solid punch in the nose! It was colder, and grayer, and maybe windier, or perhaps that was all just the turmoil in my brain as I slogged through the run segment. I am not going to use this as an excuse, and will try not to repeat, it but that was one of several recent experiences that have made me wonder if I am dealing with long COVID. It was only two months ago that I was very comfortably running three miles with my club cross country kids, so it was a bit shocking to feel such discomfort. Then again, back to that age thing, and the fact that I have never started a new training plan at the age of 52. Life is all about adjusting to new normals.

I finished out the week with some more casual walks, along with some fun at Cooper River with the club kids doing our Winter Running Program. Completed the week’s plan with 20 total miles. I could definitely feel it in my hips, but just some mild, symmetrical discomfort in both sides. My weight stayed steady at 185, as I definitely matched the new activity with some more calories. I also broke my dry January for with one night of beer drinking.

One of the things that is really great about starting a new program after a lay-off is that it forces me to wade back through what every new runner experiences. As a coach, it is so easy to forget the raw experience, or the fullness of the struggle. It is humbling as well as deeply informative. It is a process of  re-searching, and re-learning. If you find this blog somehow, and care to share thoughts on your experience of starting out, or starting out again, please consider leaving a comment.

Thanks for joining me,

Coach Craig

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