Spring Track & Field

2022 Program: March 12th to May 16th

During the spring season we will offer two options; a beginner/casual/busy kid program that meets one weekend day per week, and an advanced program that meets on two additional weekday evenings. All sessions are 1 hour in length.

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Spring Track & Field Program Overview: 

Ages: 1st Grade and Up

2022 Program: March 14th to May 16th

During the spring season we will offer two options; a beginner/casual/busy kid program that meets on Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings*, and an advanced program that meets on two additional weekday evenings*. All sessions are 1 hour in length.

Practice Days and Times:

Our beginner/casual/busy-kid program meets one day per week, starting on Saturdays at 9:00am, and our advanced program meets an additional two days per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm. When we have meets scheduled, there is no practice that weekend.


We employ a tiered fee structure in order make our club as accessible as possible. You are free to select any of the three fees listed for each program level. The standard fee is the average amount we need to collect to sustain the club and make this program a success. The supporter fee is offered as an option if you would like to help subsidize the reduce fee, as well as our no fee option for families in need.

Beginner/Casual/Busy Kid Program: $100/$125/$150

Advanced Program: $150/$175/$200

Beginner/Casual/Busy Kid Program:

The Beginner/Casual/Busy Kid program includes both practice sessions and meets/competitions. We will keep things super fun, and over the course of the season will introduce the entire team to all of the events that make up the amazing sport of track and field. This one-day option is not just for beginners. It is also for kids who are involved in other sports and activities, but also want to include some track and field in their spring. Kids in this program are encouraged to join the team at any competitions, and please note that when we have scheduled meets on weekends will not have an additonal practice session that weekend. (*Due to our situation this season, when we switch from Saturday mornings to Sunday evenings, kids in the beginner program will be able to attend a weeknight session if Sunday is not possible).

Advanced Program:

For kids who want to devote more time and energy to the sport, we lead two additional weekday evening sessions. To be clear, kids in the Advanced Program can attend all three sessions. The weekday evening sessions will focus more on traditional training in specific events. We will have multiple coaches on hand who will work with the kids in stations, so that the kids can choose which events to focus on for competition. Please keep in mind, we will not work on every event in every session, and we will encourage all of the kids to experiment with and practice multiple events. In general, we expect each kid to practice at least one running event and one field event.


Competition is always optional, and families are responsible for transportation and some fees. Meets tend to get scheduled in early spring, but in general we will attend meets on a few Saturday mornings and some weekday evenings. The location of meets ranges from nearby in Camden County, to Marlton, NJ, and the Southwest and Northwest suburbs of Philadelphia.

The goal of the spring season is to have fun learning about and practicing multiple events, while learning to compete in the fun meets we attend. The focus is on healthy, natural physical development. Based on the American Development Model, we are committed to a modern, science-based approach to supporting kids in the development of life-long health and well-being. and we do not promote or support heavy, specialized training for high level competition. For our more motivated club members, we will prepare for the USATF and/or AAU Junior Olympic competitions, but we ask parents to be mindful that the United States Olympic Committee and USA Track and Field believe that kids should only be participating in the Junior Olympics when they are personally motivated to do so, with fun, and simply enjoying the experience of learning to compete as priorities.

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