Winter Running Program

2022 Program: January 5th to February 26th

Fee: $50

Ages: 4th grade and up

Winter Running and Fitness is a casual, outdoor program designed to keep kids moving through the colder months. The program begins on January 5th, and meets each Saturday at 1:00pm and Wednesday at 4:00pm. The Wednesday sessions will alternate between Pennypacker Park in Haddonfield, and Knight Park in Collingswood. Every other Saturday features a fun, no frills race at Cooper River Park, and on the opposite Saturdays we check out different parks in the region. The races at Cooper River are open to the public for a small fee, and free to kids participating in the program.

The sessions will include lots of instruction. We will learn fun ways to warm up, practice technique drills, engage in body-weight strength training, and, perhaps most important, learn to dress for the weather while braving whatever winter throws our way (although we do cancel sessions for heavy snow and/or icy conditions). Please be prepared with appropriate clothing, in layers, including lightweight gloves and hats.

***Kids must be able to run 1 mile, continuously and without adult support, to be eligible for this program.

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