The South Jersey Track and Field Club is a registered USATF and AAU club located in Camden County. We provide a wide range of support for athletes from 1st grade and up. Please see an overview of our programs below and click the titles for additional information.


Click on program titles for registration and detailed information.

We offer self-selected, tiered fees for all of our programs. The middle fee listed is the standard we need to average in order to run successful programs. The lower fee is offered for families who could use some assistance, or would like to select a multiple child discount. The higher fee is for families who would like to assist us in keeping our programs accessible to all families regardless of financial means.

Summer Track & Field Camp (Rising 1st to rising 9th Grade)

2024 Program: Our Summer Camp runs for seven sessions between June 20 and June 27.

Tiered Fee: $150/$175/$200

Our Summer Camp is an excellent way to introduce your young athlete to all of the events that make up the sport of track and field. It is also a fun bridge to summer competitions for more experienced kids coming out of club or middle school spring track seasons. Click the title above for specific details and registration. 

Summer Track & Field Competition Team

2024 Program: May 27 to June 16

Fee: $100 

Please click the title above for details

Fall Cross Country (1st Grade to 8th Grade)

2024 Program: August 20 to October 27

Tiered fee: $225/$250/$275

Cross Country program is a wonderful way to stay active through the fall and into chillier weather. All abilities are welcome, as we begin slowly with light running, walking, and games designed to get kids moving! Within a few weeks, all of the kids will be enjoying extended runs on the beautiful park trails. Click the title above for specific details and registration. 

***We also offer a meet-only option for middle-school kids who are participating on their school cross country teams. The reduced fee for this option is only $125 and includes all meet fees!

Winter Running and Fitness (3rd grade and up)

2023/24 Program: December 2 to February 3rd

Tiered fee: $100/$125/$150

Winter Running and Fitness is a casual, outdoor program designed to keep kids moving through the colder months.

***Kids must be in at least 3rd grade, and able to run 1 mile continuously and without adult support, to be eligible for this program. Click the title above for specific information and registration.

Spring Track & Field (1st grade to 8th Grade)

2024 Program: March 16th to May 18th (with possibility of one or two meets after that date)

Tiered fee: $150/$175/$200

Our traditional track and field program includes all youth  events; sprinting and hurdles, distance running, throwing and jumping events. The program begins with three practice sessions per week, and when meets begin on most Saturdays, we practice two days per week.

***We also offer a meet-only option for middle-school kid’s who are participating on their school track and field team.

Click the title above for all of the details and registration.

Mission and Philosophy


To provide quality recreation through expertly coached athletic training and competition for children of all abilities, identities, and financial means. We believe all children should have access to the physical and emotional benefits of healthy training, competition, and sportsmanship.


To coach young athletes with a proven, science-based approach, that supports safe and sane, long-term health and self-improvement.

To guide athletes in the fun and excitement of striving to improve; to appreciate feeling fit and strong, while enjoying healthy competition, with oneself and others.

To teach and encourage a deep sense of self-awareness and self care, providing children of all abilities and identities with a rich context for experiencing challenge, adversity, failure, and success that will contribute to a lifetime of health and well-being.

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Our Sponsors and Partners

We are proud to work with the following entities in our ongoing mission to create a strong community hub!

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***Please note that we provide detailed information about all of our programs, as well as registration forms, here on our website.
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